Hainan ZOSE Group is founded in July, 1996 with a capital of RMB 377million. It is engaged in advertising, media, culture, real estate, entertainment, publishing, property management, finance and investment.
The main members of ZOSE Group include
Hainan ZOSE Advertising Co., Ltd
Hainan ZOSE Cultural Communication Co., Ltd
V-island (magazine)
Hainan Provincial Theater
Hainan ZOSE Cinema Co., Ltd
Hainan ZOSE Investment Holding Co., Ltd
Hainan ZOSE Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Qionghai ZOSE Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Hainan ZOSE Property Management Co., Ltd
Danzhou Guanghua Real Estate Co., Ltd
Haikou Baibang Pawn Co., Ltd
As old Chinese proverb says “Literature conveys morality”, “One should always has perseverance no matter what he does”, ZOSE regards promoting cultural development in Hainan as its own responsibility. It has formed a core competence and competitive advantages in the field of advertising, media, cultural communication and real estate.