New Dream New Voyage
Every year when we look back to the year passed by, there are always some yearly hit words moves us. If I have to use one word as a conclusion for Zose Group in 2013, it would be “Fruitful”.
Indeed, in the expectancy year of 2013, Zose Group had many fruitful achievements in or out of our business plan.
The opening of Haikou Zose International Cinema is one of the planned achievements. With the investment of 70 million, the Haikou Zose International Cinema started business on Jan 6th, 2014, which is a continuous investment after the Danzhou Cinema in 2012. The Haikou International Cinema has the first IMAX studio in Hainan and the third biggest business screen in China, which is the most remarkable point. And we can be fully confident for our investment in cinema chain from the popularity of opening day in Haikou International Cinema.
Four years of endeavor, Zose Jin Hai Bay starts to taste the great fruit in 2013. Like carving a precious jade, we built out homes in valuable land with enough patience, and would rather be slow than making any regrets. And now, the first phase of this program had immediately drawn the hot attention of buyers from all over the country, and we are sure more achievements are coming.
Going public is our biggest achievement in 2013 with no doubt.
Cultural Industry is Zose’s major business, this is a bumpy road but with great future, which we spent 10 years entirely. In the past decade, we solidly built our Advertising industry, started getting into Entertainment Industry, set foot to theater running and tried to join cinema chains, it was too much rough and tough, however there is always one power that keeps reminding us not to forget the initial ambition, and keep moving forward while conquering all the difficulties.
I always believe the God is fair and would eventually give you in return after great effort. Therefore, I wasn’t too excited when I was officially notified that Zose was going public, on the contrary, what I felt more is the responsibility and pressure. Zose Culture will become a public company after going public, what we need is an even more developed administration structure, a more scientific management mindset, long term and broader vision, all of these require us all pay out greater effort, and this would in the end achieve higher standard, and repay the society as well as the share holder.
The old saying says “You reap what you sow”. We can be happy when tasting the fruit of victory only after we try our best; meanwhile, the great achievement tomorrow also needs us to grow today. And now, Zose Group is standing on a new starting point, with the solid ground under foot, and the glorious dream in the distance, we are always on the way!