· Making ideas, design, production, issuance of TV, print, billboard ads
· Issuance monitoring, effect evaluation, producing ads
· Press work (POP, painting album, packaging)
· Gift
· Various kinds of terminal material


· Marketing planning
· Brand promotion and planning
· CIS planning and design
· Large-scale event planning and processing

Media agency

·CCTV, radio station agency
·Nationwide provincial and local TV A-level Agent
·Nationwide newspaper and magazines A-level Agent
·Nationwide cinema advertising, etc service agent

·Market Survey of Product

Gathering information about consumer, competitor and industrial tends; Analyzing market pattern and building trend brand; Marketing of supervisal brand;

·Marketing Ad Planning

Providing core idea and relevant CF, print, outdoor billboard etc, ads plan

·Creative Planning

Making brand image promotion and products launch plan; confirming ad strategy and annual ad conformity; making budget; sales promotion, public relation and event planning

·Media Planning and scheduling

Making media strategy and media release plan; Submitting media release monthly report (sample and inspection report); Analyzing media investment result and estimating ad operating status

ZOSE Advertising combined advanced operating method from international 4A Company and the local condition, built a Customer Service System elaborately.

★Brand Team System

ZOSE Advertising specially sets up responsible teams for each brand, which is comprised of corresponding staffs as Customer Manager, Customer Service, Marketing specialist, Creative Director, Copywriter, Designer, Media Planning specialist and Media Purchase, etc in accordance with clients’ demand and product features. Thus, ensures not only the conversancy of client’s product and market but consistency of planning as well.

★Brief Work Report System

ZOSE Advertising advocates reporting every significant process to clients to gain their confirmation. The Brief Work Report is way of making sure that the clients have a good grasp on progress and a prevention method of deviating from established procedure.

★Service Manual

ZOSE Advertising specially made a standard Service Manual which detailedly listed the demand and standard of contacting and communicating with clients, as form of task notice, proposal notice and delivery notice. Thereby, clarifying the responsibility of both sides and ensuring the smooth completion of a task,

★Quality Control System

ZOSE Advertising specially set a Process Inspector position to strengthen the supervision of work quality and efficiency and maximize the service quality