·Rich experience in purchase

ZOSE Advertising is engaged with media agency over 15years and it has built close partnership with hundreds of media nationwide, as CCTV, Provincial TV and mainstream media.

·Accurate target

ZOSE Advertising helps customers make media plan and choose the most appropriate media according to products feature and launch of competing products.

·Scientific assessment

ZOSE Advertising makes media value analysis based on the 3rd party data. Thus, ensures every budget can be used in key place and makes media investment precise.

·Value-added Extended Services

It is based on good cooperative relationship and assists customers with public relation work.

·Authoritative Inspection Report

Providing 3rd party authority inspection report and strategy suggestion as soon as ad is aired.

TV media

1、China Central Television
2、Nationwide Provincial TV
Hunan TV,Jiangsu TV, Zhejiang TV, Anhui TV, Dragon TV, Beijing TV, Henan TV, Shandong TV, Tianjin TV, Chongqing TV
3、Local TV
Sichuan Public Channel, Sichuan Economic Channel, Guangxi Variety Channel, Zhejiang Education & Technology, Shanxi City Youth
4、Foreign Media
Phoenix TV, China Entertainment TV……

Broadcasting Media

1、China National Radio
Voice of China, Business Radio, Sound of Music, Voice of City, Voice of Shenzhou
2、Hainan Broadcasting
Hainan Transportation Radio(FM100),Hainan News Radio(FM88.6),Hainan Music Radio(FM94.5)
3、Haikou Broadcasting
Haikou News Radio(FM101.8),Haikou Music Radio(FM 91.6)、Voice of Haikou Transportation and Tourism(FM95.4)

Print (News) Media

·Nationwide Newspaper
21 Century Business Herald, Economic Observer Newspaper
·Nationwide Provincial Newspaper
Guangzhou Daily, Chongqing Commercial Daily, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Youth Daily, LiaoShen Evening News, Nanaguo Morning News, Xiaoxiang Morning News, Qilu Evening News, Taiyuan Evening News………
·Hainan Regional Newspaper
Hainan Daily, Nanguo City Daiyly, Haikou Evening News, Hainan Special Zone News, Legal Times, and International Tourism Commercial News, Sanya Morning News ………

Print (Magazine) Media

·Nationwide Magazine
Tourism and Fashion Magazine: V-island, etc.
Financial Magazine: CBN weekly, etc.
Current News Magazine: Sanlian Life Week, etc.
Aviation Magazine: Sothern Airline, Aviation Today, etc.
Fashion Magazine:City Beauties, etc.
Gourmet Magazine:East Eat, Smartshe、China Chef, etc.
Automobile Magazine:Auto Magazine, etc

Hainan Regional Outdoor Media

Hainan ZOSE Advertising owns more than 100 outdoor resources:
·They are Outdoor single Colum
·The Whole Line of East Highway Overpass Billboards
·City Bus Stop Shelter
·Single Side Ad Colum

Movie plant Ad, preview Ad, etc Agency Service