The V-island is the first culture & life monthly magazine which was approved by the Sate News &Publishing Bureau of Hainan. Its publishing no. is CN46-1081/GO. The magazine was firstly published in July, 2011 and with regular contents of 140 pages and specification of colored 16-folders. It is published at 8th every month.


As a high quality magazine, the V-island develops with Hainan International Tourism Island. It mainly focuses on the human phenomenon and quality life of island inhabitants around the world. The V-island is dedicated to broadcast the culture of Hainan Island and interpret the cultural essence of Islands around the world with its professional views, and found peculiar characters of islands.


The main readers of the V-island are mid-aged males which are specialist in economics & calture fields, around 35 to 55 years old. Not only they have vital influences for the distribution of social fortune and public resources, they also dare to face the music and take social responsibilities. At the same time, they have strong abilities to consume and pursue high quality life style.


The issuance patterns of V-island are direct mailing and subscription. The direct mailing ways are cooperating with hotels above five stars, public areas, private clubs, yacht marinas high class restaurants, cruise ship, golf courses, banks and VIP room of airport.

The circulation of V-island is 50,000 each period, including 20,000 direct mailing in Hainan and 30,000’s subscription.

Honors and development

Since it was firstly published, the V-island cooperated with embassy and tourism bureaus of many islands and coastal nations and territories. The V-island is considered as ‘the founder and topic maker of island culture. It can offer the most reliable guide to those island managers, developer, residence and tourists.

The V-island became Hainan Tourism Committee supported magazine, Hainan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce corporation magazine and is also supported by island elite as the Chairman of Hainan Airline Chen Feng, the Chairman of Missions Hills Zhu Dingjian.

After 2-year development, it became the joint platform of island inhibitors, tourists, Marine sports enthusiasts and island economy impellers. Moreover, it is expected that V-island will publish foreign language version to cooperate with more coastal nations and regions.