We are proud of new generation’s join and ZOSE people’s diligent dedication.
Competition of an enterprise depends on the competitiveness of products and technology, but ultimately it depends on competitiveness of talent. ZOSE attaches great importance to talent cultivation and selection and regards attracting and cultivating talent as a strategic task of enterprise.
HR is regarded as the first resource of ZOSE; also it is a decisive factor for enterprise development. In the process of talent cultivation, ZOSE has set up a complete and systematic training system to provide various types of trainings. The corresponding performance evaluation system is an objective and reliable basis of employees’ rewards and promotion.
ZOSE always regards talent as the root of enterprise development and competition. Therefore, it makes effort to attract talents from different aspects and retain them, develops the enterprise to be a talent highland. In ZOSE, eagles can be provided with a blue sky; horses can be given a prairie. We strive to create a convenient circumstance that everyone can fully display own talent.