The Hainan Provincial Theater is located at No.68, Hainan Guoxing Avenue, is a large public cultural facility which was built by Hainan Government. It is a center of professional performance, public artistic activity, learning and education.

The main construction covers an area of 25,000 square meters, contains 2,657 square meters’ theater. The theater includes 1,230 seats theater and 8,253 square meters’ subsidiary rooms. The acoustic environment and stage machinery, lightening and audio system reach the domestic advanced levels.

To the main structure, there is a 99,400 square meters’ Hainan Cultural Park. The theater is encompassed with 35,800 square meter-pavements, 47,700 square meter-landscaping and musical fountain and lightening system.

Hainan Provincial Theater was completed in Sept, 2010, and started its premier on Oct.1st, 2010. This has filled the gap of non-professional performing venues in Hainan. As the unique high-class performing venues, it will become new engine to Hainan’s artistic prosperity and development consequentially.

The operating mode exploration of Hainan Provincial Theater is a pivotal step of cultural administrative system reform in Hainan. It is a successful practice of the “Sunshine Action” toward cultural field, also an attempt to transform the government’s function from operating culture to managing. Hainan ZOSE Cultural Communication Co., Ltd which obtained management and operation authority from open bidding, aims at “High Professional Level, High Administrative Standard, High Grade Service”, strives to build a top artistic center in domestic and a window of inter-culture communication.