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Believe in the Future

Standing on the threshold of the new year, looking back to 2021, I am very emotional.

People say that 2021 is a year of sharp turns, and there are many sudden changes in direction that make people caught off guard. Analysis shows that China is resetting its underlying economic logic. The torrent of the times is rushing forward, profoundly affecting every unit and individual. When we are in it, we are not lost in the chaos, and we have no time to stop and sigh, but move forward with determination to the established goal.

After four years of construction, ZOSE·Golden Bay Phase II ended successfully this year, and the first batch of owners will be ushered in the Spring Festival. Regarding this property called "the best real estate in Danzhou coastal new-region", the owner gave this evaluation: architectural style, living environment, and functional layout are always closely related to cultural heritage and value orientation, and are integrated with each other, bring out the best in each other.

In this year, when the film industry has not recovered yet fully and the Business Climate Index is sluggish, ZOSE Cinemas expanded against the market. Five new cinemas were opened. ZOSE Cinemas opened nearly 30 cinemas, and 30 reserved projects were located. The market position is more stable, and the brand advantage in the southwestern region of China has initially formed.

In this year, in the face of various difficulties and shocks, the ZOSE Group still has a stable formation and a stable team. More than a thousand staff stand shoulder to shoulder to resist the cold and welcome the rising sun.

In this year, the policy side brought new hope to small and medium-sized enterprises: the opening of the Beijing Stock Exchange opened a channel for the transfer of innovative enterprises to the NEEQ. This is the most immediate good news for ZOSE Culture which is the first batch to enter the NEEQ.

Yes, if ZOSE Group is to choose a key word for 2021, it is: determination.

This determination comes from the 25 years of accumulation of ZOSE Group. Not only be prepared for the difficulties, it also precipitates a state of mind, a solid state of mind to walk a long way steadily. Since the establishment of the company, it has always been the core motivation to meet people’s spiritual and cultural needs, pursuing the integration of feelings and careers, not eager to make quick money, not superstitious "only routines to win people's hearts", and not obsessed with "opportunistic", but choose down to earth, eliminate delusions, heart to heart.

Two hit films around this year, from "HI MOM" to "The Battle at Lake Changjin ", their success is more like a metaphor: the sincere investment can always be rewarded, and the passionate presentation will definitely be touched. From the years of war to the age of peace, heroes are also ordinary people. When the ordinary miracle blooms, ordinary people are heroes.

This determination also comes from our optimistic expectations for the future.

In this year, we have witnessed the glorious moments of the centuries-old party, saw the results of the epidemic prevention and control efforts, and touched the surging pulse of the times. We are full of confidence in the future of China.

Throughout the year, we have participated in various forms of Hainan’s work to create a first-class business environment. We have seen the government’s determination, felt changes bit by bit , and are full of confidence in the future of the free trade port.

In this year, we have formulated a sound development plan in accordance with the listing rules of the Beijing Stock Exchange, and strive to complete the listing target within three years, and we are full of confidence in the company's future.

In July of this year, we ushered in the 25th anniversary of the establishment of ZOSE Group. 25 years, enough to make a baby grow into a graceful prime, and can let the youth energetic entrepreneur had greying at the temples. Twenty-five years means maturity. Maturity is not about becoming so sophisticated, but about reaching innocence. More than fifty years ago, the poet Shi Zhi wrote the poem "Believe in the Future":

The reason why I believe so resolutely in the future is:

I believe in the eyes of the people of the future

Their eyelashes that can brush away the ash of history

Their pupils that can see through the texts of time


Facing the future, we have to face the unknown more. In this ever-changing era, we need to maintain a curiosity, a naive, a passion for exploration, an impulse to start a business, and jump out of our comfort zone to maximize make the best preparations for the future!

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