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Talent Concept

We are proud of the loyal and devoted ZOSE people, and also be proud of the new generation who are constantly enlivening.

The competition of enterprises is the competition of products and the competition of science is technology, but the important is the competition of talents. The company attaches great importance to the cultivation and selection of qualified personnel, has always been to attract talent, nurture talent, to maximize the role of talent, as a strategic business mission.

In ZOSE Group, human resources is the company's first resource, is the decisive factor in the development and growth of enterprises. In the process of talent cultivation, the company has established a complete and systematic training system, promised to provide various types of training for all-round development of its employees in terms of technology and abilities, accompanied by appropriate performance appraisal system to reward and promote employees Provide objective, reliable basis.

As a pioneer of enterprise development, competition and development, ZOSE always seeks to attract and retain talent from different aspects and makes it a high ground for talent gathering. In ZOSE Group, we gave blue sky to eagle, gave the steppe grassland to horse and striving to create the best conditions for everyone.

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