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  • 03.232022

    Chairman Liu Wenjun was invited to explore the Danzhou cultural tourism project
  • 03.222022

    Open a new era of smart life, Huawei Smart Home settled in ZOSE•Golden Bay
  • 03.162022

    Remaining true to our original aspiration and create the future together ZOSE Culture's 2022 annual work conference was held in Haikou
  • 01.242022

    Chairman Liu Wenjun attended the Fifth Session of the Seventh Hainan Provincial Political Consultative Conference
  • 01.182022

    Chengdu ZOSE International Cinema (SLJJ) officially opened on January 18!
  • 01.102022

    Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference Mao Wanchun visited member Liu Wenjun

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