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  • 08.302018

    Guizhou Anshun Economic Development Zone Visiting Group visited ZOSE Group
  • 08.282018

    The documentary ceremony "The Northern Secrets of the Migratory Mountains in the North of Tibet" and the "Earth of the Earth" Tourism Promotion Conference was held in Lhasa
  • 07.232018

    Good News! "Hidden Land in Northern Tibet" won the Best Editing Award at Vancouver Chinese Film Festival
  • 07.212018

    The first half of the 2018 working conference of ZOSE Culture was held in Haikou
  • 05.072018

    Chairman Liu Wenjun was invited to attend the Provincial Talent Development Forum
  • 04.042018

    Oriental cultural sentiment & West culture IFSM Production and ZOSE Media (North America) organized 2018 IFSM Fashion WeekLA
  • 03.152018

    China Hainan EMBA Confederation Hainan Economy and Trade Visiting Group Visits China Vision Group
  • 03.082018

    Hainan Daily released - 30 people in Hainan and Hainan for 30 years: Liu Wenjun: An Interview with Wen Xin in End of the World
  • 02.232018

    Chinese New Year's theater line Spring Festival box office rose 99% year-on-year
  • 02.082018

    ZOSE Art Museum holds a new spring collection
  • 02.032018

    ZOSE Investment 2018 Annual Working Conference Held in Haikou
  • 02.022018

    ZOSE Culture 2018 Annual Work Conference Held in Haikou
  • 01.292018

    The First Session of the Seventh Session of the CPPCC of Hainan Province Was Successfully Closed Liu Wenjun, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Provincial Committee

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