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Open a new era of smart life, Huawei Smart Home settled in ZOSE•Golden Bay

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2022-03-22


On March 22, 2022, the signing ceremony of Huawei Smart Home entry into the commercial street of ZOSE·Golden Bay project was held in the VIP room of ZOSE·Golden Bay project in Binhai New Area, Danzhou. Zhou Lijuan, General Manager of ZOSE Property, Wang Mengqiu, Huawei Smart Home Manager of Hainan Terminal Business Department of Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd., and Liu Qingfa, Hainan Branch, General Manager of China Post and Telecommunications Equipment Shenzhen Co., Ltd. , attended the signing ceremony with the team.

ZOSE·Golden Bay project is located in the core area of the first group of Binhai New District, Danzhou City, with Baimajing, a thousand-year-old town on the back, Ocean Flower Island on the left, and Yangpu Port on the right. The project covers a total area of 208 mu, with a total of 13 residences with a construction area of 300,000 square meters and 3,312 households. The 8 residences in the first phase have all been sold out and delivered for use, and the 5 residences in the second phase are on sale. The second phase of the shop has a construction area of 6824.5 square meters, the number of shops is 53, the single shop area is 75-250 square meters, the floor height exceeds 4 meters, the space is flexible and the utilization rate is high. Plenty of parking place and a strong business atmosphere.

It is reported that the commercial street of the ZOSE·Golden Bay project has already settled in supermarkets, restaurants and other supporting facilities. The joint effort with Huawei aims to respond to the national "3060" dual-carbon goal, let the smart home enter thousands of households, and help the construction of a low-carbon ecological city with practical actions.



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