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Sanya ZOSE International Cinemas (Lanhai Huating) is located on the 4th floor of Lanhai Shopping Plaza, No. 261 Xinfeng Street, Jiyang District, Sanya. It is adjacent to Sanya Government in the east and Sanya Phoenix Hill Park in the west. It is located in the prosperous and ascendant environment In the meantime; free feeling the charm of the movie and life in Sanya ZOSE International Cinema (Lanhai Huating).

The cinema was officially opened in February 2019. Its area is 2,300 square meters and ticketing hall is 160 square meters. The overall floor height is 63 meters. The decoration is according to the international five-star standard. The modern industrial style is the main idea with the "red" color of the ZOSE cinemas. The atmosphere of "large space and high depth" makes the fans enter the movie world.

Cinema has 8 halls in total which include a VIP hall, a SPA hall, and six large-screen digital halls, can accommodate nearly a thousand people at the same time. The VIP hall is high-end and private, suitable for business meetings, small gatherings of friends and relatives, and the SPA hall is equipped with a full set of massage chairs. All the theaters use 4K imported digital projectors and Dolby digital stereo sound system to show 3D movies, the clarity and brightness are higher, and the details are not to be missed. Forming a close textured audiovisual experience with all the sound effects from all directions. In addition to the SPA hall, all the seven halls are equipped with CHEERS First Class seats. The leather is fine and comfortable to work with. It uses professional sponge to resilience and softness. It also good for the back and makes you having better viewing experience.

You can enjoy the delicious popcorn and a wide variety of drinks in here. Coming to Sanya ZOSE International Cinemas (Lanhai Huating) to see the movie, let the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste become the ultimate enjoyment.

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